WordPress website migration services (Hires Us)


About Service

We will help you migrate your WordPress website from one hosting company to another without losing your data and files. Our transfer comes at no additional cost.

Steps of WordPress website migration

There are only there step that your website migration will take

Step 1: Backup

We will backup your WordPress website theme, plugin, files, and database.

Step 2: Transfer

We will migrate all your website files and data to the new hosting company.

Step 3: Audit

We will do an audit on your migrated website to make sure that it is in the state that it was before the migration.

Website migration checklist

What look for during auditing a website post-migration

  • ┬áSEO retention
  • Images
  • Author
  • Posts, Pages, and Tags
  • Plugins and Themes
  • Custom CSS
  • permalink structure
  • Internal links
  • Security
  • SSL certificate configuration
  • DNS records

The entire process takes only 24 hours and your website visitors will hardly notice that you have been migrating your website.

Before we start the migration, you will need to provide us with your current hosting login details and your new hosting login details.

NOTE: Email addresses cannot be migrated. However, you can create a similar email address in the new hosting account.