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Terms and Conditions - Kyote Internet Group Limited

This website, Kyote Internet is owned and operated by Kyote Internet Group Limited.

If you continue to browse and use the website, you agree with and are bound by its terms and conditions, privacy policy and any other agreements that will be provided

Account responsibility

You promise that the information you give us is true, accurate, and complete and, if you register for an account, that you will keep your account information up to date (including a current email address).

You are responsible for any use of kyoteinternet.com including any activity that occurs in conjunction with your username and password, if you have a kyoteinternet.com account, so keep your password secure and do not let any other person use your username or password. If you realize there is any unauthorized use of your password or any breach of security, you need to let us know immediately. 

Any content, data or information stored on or uploaded to this website, whether by you or a third party using your password is your responsibility. You must comply at all times with all relevant laws and regulations relating to such activities or information. This includes but is not necessarily limited to: copyright; defamation; trademarks; data protection or any regulation of offensive, obscene or illegal content. We reserve the right to access any content, data or information stored on this service or email messages sent via this domain and remove all or any part of such information or message if we deem it to be actually or potentially inappropriate or illegal.

Public Information

Do not share personal information like identification numbers, social security numbers, street address, phone number, etc. in public on kyoteinternet.com like in the comment sections. If you choose to do so, then it will be at your own risk! 

Domain Registration and hosing

Any amount quoted for website design, unless explicitly stated in the package or agreed via email, excludes hosting and domain renewal.

You are responsible for the renewal of your website domain and hosting. We will not held responsive if your fail to renew your domain or web hosting services.


Payment terms for your project or service shall be indicated your invoice or order email.

The required payment time-frame is stated in the invoice or order email.

We accept bank deposit and Mpesa Paybill payment only.

All payments to Kyote Internet Group Ltd for any project or service are non-refundable.

Website Support and Update

The period that we offer free support is indicated in the project page or order email.

Kindly note that

  • we will not provide free support for errors arising from your website hosting provider.
  • We will not provide free website themes and files updates outside the support period